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April 24, 2024



Elegant artistry meets exclusivity in Arazi’s bespoke lines, while Picchiotti adds contemporary glamour to its Gem Ceramics and Art Deco collections.


01Arazi Takes The Bespoke Path

New York-based Arazi, helmed by second-generation diamantaire Josh Arazi, launched Bespoke Eternity – Eternity Your Way at COUTURE 2023 in June. The new line is designed to enable you to customise the eternity rings and tell your own stories. “Women and men  can personalise their eternity rings with different stones, colours, cuts and precious metals,” said Josh. They can include a personal message or important date hidden in the combination of diamonds and gemstones they commission. “We believe there should always be a unique detail that sets your eternity ring apart,” he added.

The brand founded in 1998 by Albir Arazi, a self-taught jeweller and gemstone dealer, also celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. “My father and I work side-by-side, designing and creating every Arazi eternity band from start to finish. In addition to our classic white diamond eternity bands and colourful gemstone-diamond bands, several of our clients request bespoke colour and cut combinations,” explained Josh. This led to the concept Eternity Your Way, which offers endless design possibilities. “We believe there should always be a unique detail that sets your eternity ring apart.” The brand is known for its signature ‘Arazi A-Shape’ setting that allows in maximum light and protects the stones, especially when worn in a stacked style.

“In our search for the finest diamonds and gemstones, we occasionally come across a stone that ‘speaks to us’ and dictates a one-of-a-kind design,” he added. New pieces from The Future of Eternity Collection and select necklaces, bracelets and pendants were also part the showcase at the Couture jewellery exhibition. Unusual cuts, pink gems, rubies, sapphires and emeralds along with rings featuring elongated emerald and oval cuts, luxe extra-wide settings and Fancy Yellow diamonds turned out to be key picks from Arazi.

02Picchiotti’s Superlative Jewels

Italian brand Picchiotti, founded by Giuseppe Picchiotti, has been hand-crafting luxury fine jewellery in Valenza for 56 years. Giuseppe Picchiotti’s love for diamonds and precious stones has been guiding him for five decades to pursue the artistic expression that distinguishes Picchiotti from other brands. “The designs for each new collection are evaluated by the Picchiotti family members, who share a common fundamental belief: the perfect mix in an ideal collection is the balance between the harmonious shapes found in nature and the clean lines found in architecture.”

The brand’s best-seller XpandableTM Collection with special technology that allows the rings to expand up to two ring sizes have been employed to create new styles for the bridal collection. The new Dots Collection showcased at COUTURE 2023 features with a gentle diamond silhouette made in rose gold ornaments and dotted with oval rubies. The bracelet employs the XpandableTM that allows these bracelets to expand and contract easily without any clasp.


Picchiotti’s Gem Ceramics consist of one-of-a-kind pieces on yellow gold that draw on all the recognisable brand characteristics. The new offerings feature emerald-cut diamonds, sophisticated buff-topped gemstones enhanced by a clear-cut black or white ceramics detail. Matching earrings form part of the new offering.

Art Deco becomes a strong inspiration to the brand, as it relies on vibrant colours, geometric and streamlined influences to transform into Xpandable bracelets. Hardstones have been cut to fit each design. “The Gem Ceramics Geometric line includes white gold offset with glossy black ceramics and deep red coral, with matching ring, the rose gold is paired with a delicate contrast of glossy white ceramics and turquoise, all of them embellished using emerald-cut diamonds,” said Maria Carola Picchiotti, who handles the brand’s marketing and communications.


Inspired by gem lover Filippo Picchiotti, the brand has brought out new styles employing semiprecious gemstones. Umberto Picchiotti, trained at the bench as a goldsmith, oversees quality control and product development. This new generation is steering the brand in creative and innovative directions that remain true to the brand’s core heritage and DNA.

Maria’s family-run brand has taken cues from the stackable trend and added new bangles in white, yellow or rose gold accented with diamonds. Fancy Yellow diamonds embellished the eternity bands, while octagonal sapphires, rubies and emeralds brilliantly styled with various diamond cuts inform the Ultimate Octagonal collection.

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