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What starts with a special stone from mother nature, gets even more elevated by artfully combining a few special techniques that we have mastered for a truly 1 Of A Kind piece.

Immerse yourself in the allure of exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance with our handpicked selection of rings, bracelets, and earrings.




1OAK Cushion Sapphire DIAMOND RING

The Seine Briolette

Popularized by the French King Louis XIV, briolette cuts are known for their unique and scintillating character and are rarely used in rings. This yellow-and-white diamond ring is a truly singular design, incorporating a rare 8.62-carat intense yellow diamond as its centerpiece, flanked by two artful kite-shaped diamonds, with an accompanying 1.53 diamond set diagonally beside it, all on a pavé-encrusted shank. The various cuts and techniques blended together lend a unique character to this sophisticated piece.

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The Coussin

The Coussin Ring - another masterpiece from our 1-OAK collection. Reminiscent of the most regal antique jewelry, this eye-catching ring brings the past to the present by incorporating a modern edge. Its impressive center cushion-cut fancy yellow diamond weighs over 6 carats and is flanked by two rare triangle-cut colorless diamonds, all set on a ring with impeccably cut pavé diamonds with platinum and 18 Karat Yellow Gold.

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The Dahlia

With sophisticated opulence and exquisite technique, this ring incorporates various high-design techniques into a single masterpiece. Its deep-blue center oval sapphire—weighing an astounding 12.08 carats—is surrounded by two rows of brilliant round reverse-set diamonds, creating an unusual textured effect resembling the petals of the dahlia flower. Its 18-karat gold split shank carries additional baguette and kite-shaped diamonds for a spectacular view from all sides.

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The Regina

Named for its nod to the jewels of Italian royal figures, the Regina ring is among the most unusual pieces in our 1-OAK Collection. A striking 29.11-carat square-shaped emerald—alone a gem collector’s dream—is set in rich yellow gold and sits atop a beautifully contrasting classically designed platinum baguette-encrusted split shank flanked with two pear-shaped diamonds.

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The Varianza

An immaculate and richly hued emerald-cut sapphire weighing 14.24 carats is the focal point of the majestic Varianza ring, which is surrounded by 8 rare, multi-shaped portrait-cut colorless diamonds, creating a unique and complex visual story. A band of pavé-set round diamonds further enhances the brilliance of the ring. Another great example of the true testament in every ARAZi piece. Continuously pushing the boundaries of High Jewelry by redefining jewels for the Modern and Sophisticated collector.

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