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April 24, 2024



Redefining eternity bands and tennis bracelets to tell a modern story

As Arazi celebrates its 25th anniversary, the milestone is sweetened even more with a new program inviting wearers to individualize their eternity rings with customized preferences. Second-generation diamantaire Josh Arazi has introduced the Bespoke Eternity initiative along with new designs from The Future of Eternity Collection including select necklaces, bracelets and pendants.

Arazi Eternity was founded in 1998 by Albir Arazi, Josh’s father, a self-made jeweler and gemstone dealer. Today they continue to work side by side, designing and creating every Arazi

eternity band from start to finish. In addition to their classic white diamond eternity bands and colorful gemstone/diamond bands, their artistry extends to bespoke color and cut combinations, making the possibilities endless.

Another aspect of customization is the option to include a private message or date “hidden” in the bespoke combination of diamonds and gemstones. Arazi jewelry’s modernized “everyday eternity” is intended for every occasion, including birth of a child, a university graduation or a professional milestone.

01Yellow Diamond Bracelet

The Yellow Diamond Bracelet is a sculptural wonder, achieving uniformity in its connected strand of just over two dozen pear-shaped yellow diamonds (26.20 tcw.) Each stone is set in bright 18K yellow gold, enhancing the rich fancy hue of each diamond. Placed at an angle, each yellow diamond is positioned perfectly along the side of its neighbor, forming a series of upward-pointing peaks like a miniature crown or a delicately whipped fluff of tasty meringue. $240,000.

02Emerald and Diamond Drop Earrings

The one-of-a-kind Emerald and Diamond Drop Earrings are sheer artistry, juxtaposing geometric shapes in a dangling array of warmth and grace. Two enormous emeralds (5.75 tcw.) create the focal point at the end of the drop, each connected to a marquise and a triangle of diamond clusters (2.75 tcw.) bordered by petite emeralds along the edges. The setting of ref lective platinum and 18K gold deepen the hues of the stones especially as light plays off the various facets. Enhancing the uniqueness of each emerald are the natural variations within each stone, dubbed jardins (gardens) by the French. $135,000.

03Sapphire and Diamond Cocktail Ring

The Sapphire and Diamond Cocktail Ring is generously appointed, featuring a sizeable, carat cushion cut Ceylon sapphire (16.07 tcw.) surrounded by 16 pear- shaped white diamonds (5.30 tcw.). Along with Kashmir and Burmese sapphires, Ceylon sapphires are some of the rarest and most valuable in the world. Each bordering diamond is positioned at an angle, set on a split shank. Resting upon a bed of pure platinum, the deep richness and saturation of the center sapphire is rendered even more powerful in contrast to the silvery white hue and high luster setting. $165,000.

04Ruby and Diamond Bracelet

Lending a modern twist to the tennis bracelet, the Ruby and Diamond Bracelet is a gleaming singular strand of red rubies (20.15 tcw.) alternating with emerald-cut diamonds (3.75 tcw.) separating each grouping of red stones. Set in platinum, the vibrant red coloration is potent and pure, attributable to the traces of chromium in the crystal structure which characterizes the highest quality rubies. Passion, love and courage are symbolized in theredruby,emanatingelegantlyfromthewrist. $130,000.

05Bespoke Eternity Emerald Band

In redesigning the eternity band, Arazi has liberated it from fine jewelry’s bridal category. The Bespoke Eternity Emerald Band is crafted with sets of two rectangular-cut emeralds (7.60 tcw.), each pair separated by a single rectangular-cut white diamond (3.60 tcw.). The evenly proportioned size of the stones makes the ring ideal for stacking. The entire design is set in platinum, underscoring the depth and texture. The circle completes around the finger, with the emeralds looming large, a well-known characteristic due to their density, even when situated next to stones of the exact same dimensions. $65,000.

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